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Michael ChristianCampus Director

Christian has over 20 years experience in the automotive business with demonstrated expertise in all aspects of dealership environments, from marketing and finance to fixed operations and operations management. Prior to joining Porsche Marin, Christian was GM of Mercedes Benz of Marin, spent 11 years as GM and Managing partner of Toyota Marin, and has been a member of the Roadster advisory board for nearly 3 years.“I’m honored to be the new General Manager of Porsche Marin and to be part of the indiGO Auto Group team, where I can continue the exceptional service our customers have come to expect from this dealership, ” said Christian. “I look forward to sharing my automotive management expertise and passion for the Porsche brand.”Christian attended Ohio State University and has served on the Board of Directors of San Rafael Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years. He is very active in the community including being a long time volunteer for Dedication to Special Education, and youth sports coach.

Ren BrionesGeneral Manager

Ren Briones was born and raised in the Philippines. He then moved to Marin County in 2008. He has been living in Marin county ever since. He has a strong childhood passion for sports cars and motorcycles. In his free time he enjoys visiting the great outdoors and experiencing all the nature that Northern California has to offer. Such activities include hiking, off-roading and camping. When he isn’t traveling he is comfortably at home playing guitar.

Derrell Brushaber Sales Manager

I started selling cars when I was 18 @ Toyota, most of that time in sales was spent in the internet department. From there I moved into finance, then the role of Sales Manager. My goal in each of those roles was to make things simple and easy for my clients. It may sound crazy, but I learned early on that if you treat people with respect and take care of them, you will see them again! After all, the best compliment possible is repeat or referral business. I was reluctant to leave Toyota because I loved the die-hard fanaticism and cult-like passion my clients had for the brand. Little did I know that Porsche owners are on a completely different level. Their passion and knowledge of the brand are unrivalled, and I couldn’t be any happier about it.

Ben AhmedovPre-Owned Sales Manager

Ben has been working in the Automotive business since 2004. He worked for Marin Luxury Cars and Sonic Automotive, where he gained experience as a Sales Manager and F&I Manager. Ben decided to open his own independent pre-owned car dealership, he also built and managed relationships with reconditioning vendors.When he's not at work, Ben enjoys spending time with his family and staying in to cook. He is also an avid ice hockey and soccer player.

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Michael GrayProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Michael Gray has 25 years in the car business, 10 of those with Porsche. He is a Porsche Brand Ambassador.

Paul DulbergProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Paul has been selling Porsches for over 12 years now. He is super savvy with all things jazz, tech, and Porsche related.

Ethan has been in the car industry for over 8 years and has been a Porsche brand ambassador for 3 years. His favorite Porsche is a 911 Carrera 4S with winter tires and a snowboard rack, it’s his idea of the perfect family car. In his free time, you can find Ethan outdoors hiking, kayaking, snowboarding or spending time with his family!

Alex NekouyProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Alex has been in the car business for over eight years and has taken on different roles from internet manager to F&I manager, From Maserati to VW and Audi.Alex loves outdoor activities and spending time with his puppy in his free time.He also enjoys driving nice cars and learning more about technology.

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Andrew ProapsProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Andrew grew up in Marin and has been around the automotive industry his entire life. He started as a detailer working for his family dealerships in high school and moved to Parts and Service before he began Sales in 1999. He has always had a passion for cars and remembers having a model of the Porsche 959 on his desk since a very young age. Andrew joined Porsche Marin in 2014 and has been a Brand Ambassador for over 8 years now. He currently lives in Petaluma with his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys camping, road trips, biking and golfing. Currently driving a 2021 Cayenne E-Hybrid which he says is the perfect car for family and commuting.

Brett PayneProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Brett is an Australian car enthusiast who has traveled the world as a trained chef, and he has cooked for some of the biggest celebrities on the planet in their homes. During one of his celebrity chef stops he started to help curate and restore the clients car collection which lead to him working for Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover to start his new career in car sales. Brett has been at Porsche Marin for 10 years and brings an extensive knowledge of the brand, heritage, and custom ordering vehicles for clients as well as arranging European deliveries. He regularly visits the factories in Germany and attends the Frankfurt Auto show to gain further insights into the fabulous upcoming products. Brett is a two time winner of the Porsche Sales Award for the top 25 salesmen in the USA and top 100 in the world. He has a love of cars since a very early age in Australia and brings that passion with him to work every day. He also has a great love of film and music and is an award winning movie producer and is currently working on producing an album of songs for his latest project. His favorite Porsche’s are the RSK 60 Spyder, Carrera GT, Porsche GT1,962, 904, 2022 Boxster Spyder, and 991.2 911 GT3 Touring in Paint to Sample. In his free time he loves to travel and see and experience new, and exciting things on his journeys.

Xavier MarmierProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Xavier has always been interested in cars and motorsports. Before joining the Porsche Marin team, he worked at Audi Biarritz as a sales representative. He is someone who will always strive to give his best and push himself to new limits. In his free time, Xavier enjoys old vehicle restoration, cycling and motorsports. He is a dedicated professional who takes great pride in his work.

Price JessupProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Price grew up in Washington, D.C. He has always been surrounded by interesting cars. Price has been involved with the automotive industry since 2003 and has had the occasion to drive almost every kind of car. His favorite Porsche is a 2018 911 Carrera T with a 7-speed manual transmission. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and son.

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Hermine TerhorstProfessional Porsche Sales Consultant

Hermine raised 3 daughters on her own with wit, grit and happyhappyjoyjoy which she now uses to get your dream car in your driveway as quickly as possible! She has been driving electric before it was popular and is wildly excited about all the Electricity coming to the Porsche Brand. In her spare time, Hermine enjoys swimming, cycling, playing golf, dancing and she is learning to play the guitar. You can follow her on Instagram @porschermine

Fernando OliveiraPorsche Service Manager

Fernando has 25 years of Volkswagen Dealer experience. He attended school at the Business Administration and Accounting College of Marin. In his spare time, Fernando enjoys participating in 5k runs, CrossFit, and live music events.

Greg ArtechePorsche Parts Manager

Greg has 34 years in the car business, 28 of those being with Porsche. Greg loves the 993 turbo because of its design and the fact that it’s the last air-cooled 911.

Almina RedzicProfessional Porsche Service Advisor
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Weis PopalProfessional Porsche Service Consultant

Wies grew up in Fremont, California, and went on to study at the University of UCLA. He received his bachelors in 2010. He moved back to the Bay Area after completing his education and married his best friend shortly after. Weis has been involved in the automotive industry since the age of 16. With his knowledge of automobiles and their products along with his customer service skills, working as a Service Advisor is the best career path for him. In his free time, Weis loves to spend time with his wife and daughter and take them on adventures. They enjoy time outdoors, hiking, taking long walks, and riding bikes together.

Sal MaldonadoProfessional Porsche Service Consultant

Sal is a graduate of Universal Technical Institute in 2002. He continued his education & graduated from Mercedes Benz Elite in 2003 and worked for the company as a Service Advisor and technician for 17 years. In his spare time, Sal enjoys riding his motorcycle. He is very experienced in cars and is always happy to help others with car repairs. In his free time, Sal enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Tom BarclayProfessional Porsche Internal Service Consultant

Tom has been a resident of San Rafael since he was a child. He knows the area well and is extremely knowledgeable about the Porsche brand. Prior to becoming a Professional Porsche Internal Service Consultant, Tom held several positions in the automotive industry, most notably as a pre-owned vehicle reconditioning manager, service manager & service advisor. In his free time, Tom enjoys playing golf and bocce ball. He also loves spending time at his property on the Eel River.

Kelly WolfCEO

Kelly is the CEO and Dealer Principal of indiGO Auto Group, overseeing all aspects of the company’s 23 franchised dealerships across three states - California, Houston, and Missouri. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations of all indiGO’s management and locations, spearheading business development opportunities, and maintaining manufacturer relations, Wolf also leads automotive groups sales and the fixed operations teams, keeping the emphasis on delivering the highest level of customer care and passion for each brand. His focus includes fostering an environment for team members to feel empowered to create opportunities for customers to activate their ownership through a variety of community events, fundraisers, and driving experiences. Kelly has nearly two decades of high-end automotive sales and management experience. His management style has enabled indiGO Auto Group to continue to expand its sales footprint across the United States. Kelly currently serves as the chairman of the Dealer Advisory Board for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America and has been a board member since 2013. In 2016, he was featured in Automotive News’ 40 Under 40 Awards. He is a native Texan and a graduate of The University of Texas, Austin. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jacee, and their two daughters.

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